The Top 5 Tips for Eating Out

Going out to restaurants, going to friend’s houses or any kind of social gathering is a healthy part of life. We are meant to be social, and we are meant to eat, and enjoy life. Today we’re going to discuss effective ways and tricks to dining outside of your home. 

  • Eat a small snack before you go out so you’re not starving when you get to the restaurant or event. This can also help to not overspend.
  • Before you go to restaurants, look up the menu online. Have a plan before you get there and know what you’re going to eat ahead of time.
  • If portion sizes are large, ask a friend to split something with you. If no one wants to split with you, ask for a to-go box as soon as your food comes out. Box up ½ of your food to-go and eat the other half later. This helps control your portion size especially if the meal is really good and it’s hard to stop eating. 
  • Upgrade an appetizer into a meal. 
  • Don’t go to places that are too tempting for you and only offer things you shouldn’t have. For example: You love pizza and go to a pizza parlor with no healthy options and your family orders pizza. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Instead choose a place that has thin wheat crust veggie pizza with lower calories.

When ordering, think about the way food is prepared. Most foods are baked, steamed, fried, pan seared, sautéed, boiled, broiled or grilled.  

Grilled, baked, steamed, or boiled are usually better options.