Concierge Personal Training delivers the highest quality Personalized training available. We go above and beyond by creating individualized fitness and overall health and diet programs for each of our clients. Our unique and proven effective, Concierge Personal services are available in the comfort of your home, or office. Additionally we service senior centers, businesses, and offer outdoor in the park training for you, your family and friends. Providing the best fitness experience available, programs are customized to meet every individual level and goal. We want to help clients achieve, and exceed their fitness goals. Our highly specialized programs safely increase overall strength, build lean muscle, and increase your metabolism. We will explain muscle groups being worked and modify programs based on your specific needs. No equipment is necessary. We come prepared with dumbbells, bosu balls, stability balls, resistance body bands, TRX suspension trainers, medicine balls, jump ropes, yoga mats, balance trainers, water weights, water noodles, and more!

Senior Adults

A program will be specifically designed for you safely combining strength, balance, yoga stretching, and cardiovascular work in order to improve your neuromuscular function. We also offer water aerobics workouts.

Post Rehab

Post Rehab is a program that works closely with your doctor or therapist. Workouts are specifically designed for knee replacements, back surgeries, hip replacements, injuries, and joint pain. It’s aimed at safely increasing your strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. We also offer water aerobics workouts.

Sports Specific

Sports specific workouts meets the demands of your particular sport incorporating balance, core strength, agility, plyometrics, cardiovascular workouts, and nutritional counseling. Programs are specifically designed for golfers, tennis players, and weekend warriors.

Weight Loss

Weight loss programs combine detailed dietary nutritional counseling, strength training, and cardiovascular exercises. Specific grocery shopping lists, meal preparation, and nutritional accountability (weight loss or weight gain, help controlling diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure).


Detailed Nutritional Counseling including specific grocery shopping lists and meal preparation instructions are part of every package. Free consultations are offered over the phone or in home.