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In Home Personal Training FAQs

How is in home personal training different from gym training?2021-03-17T09:50:52+00:00

With In Home Personal Training you train in the comfort of your own home. You can avoid  the meat market and the unnecessary gym gawkers. You don’t have to sit on sweaty gym equipment. You get to cut out traffic and drive time for your added convenience. You can listen to your own music. Their are not any distractions. It’s a personalized workout tailored just for you. You’re more comfortable in your own space which leads to a better workout and better results.

Do I need to have gym equipment or a home gym?2021-03-17T09:51:07+00:00

No, with In Home Personal Training we bring all of the gym equipment you will need. We have every piece of workout equipment that moves.

Can more than one person train at a time?2021-03-17T09:50:58+00:00

Yes, we will train up to 3 people for the same price.

Is it okay to have pets and kids in the house?2021-03-17T09:51:18+00:00

Yes, we love kids and pets.

How much is In Home Personal Training? What is the cost of an In Home Personal Trainer?2021-03-17T09:51:23+00:00

Conventional gyms charge a monthly membership on average of $40-$75/month and then you pay $90-$150 an hour for Personal Training on top of that. For Concierge Personal Training it’s just $84 for an hour long session. The sessions never expire. You also won’t pay an additional monthly membership fee.

What are the benefits of an In Home Personal Trainer?2021-03-17T09:51:29+00:00

Safety is our number one priority. All trainers at Concierge  Personal Training have degrees in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. We want to safely build lean muscle in order to lose fat and gain strength. We also focus on balance and core strength training.

What if I go out of town and can’t train, will I still be charged?2021-03-17T09:51:34+00:00

No, we have a 12 hour cancellation policy. You can reschedule for any reason and we will hold your day/time for when you get back.

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